Our investors include institutions, family offices, private wealth advisers and high net worth investors.


what we look for.

We elevate the ordinary.

At Redwood North, we see value and growth in ‘boring’ businesses. We recognise and  believe in the enduring strength of everyday businesses and the transformative impact they can have with the right strategic guidance. Our approach is to redefine the narrative around mature enterprises, unlocking their hidden potential for the benefit of investors, communities, and the businesses themselves.

We focus on companies, often family-owned, with strong teams, proven market position, a loyal customer base and strong internal operations. Typically generating annual earnings of between $3 million and $8 million, these companies are able to demonstrate financial resilience and produce surplus cash after expenses and investments. We aim to bring these opportunities in a market segment that has historically been difficult for investors to access.

We are not just investing in businesses but fostering their sustained growth and success.

A distinct investment style. Our method of engagement depends on the nature of the business.

In some cases, we make outright acquisitions. Or we may form a partnership with investee businesses, with existing owners retaining some involvement.

We pride ourselves on not just investing in businesses but fostering their sustained growth and success. Having acquired, we collaborate closely with business owners to craft a forward-looking strategy, which may include pursuing organic growth, providing growth capital or exploring strategic acquisitions.

Our overarching goal is to propel businesses towards $10 – $15 million in annual earnings over five to seven years.

We are targeting consistent annual dividends of 8 percent.

Tangible results.

Our investment strategy targets an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of more than 20 percent, delivering consistent annual dividends of 8 percent for investors and minority partners.