our story

The Redwood North story began in 2016, born from a unique market insight

Our founders, seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, identified a significant gap in investment services for mid-market Australian companies. Their quest to fill this niche led to the creation of what is now a leading name in Australian investment – Redwood North.

At the heart of our approach is a blend of long-term vision and conservative capital management. We’re not just investors; we’re partners in growth. Our commitment is to build a sustainable future for our portfolio companies, ensuring that they don’t just grow, but grow sustainably.

Redwood North: Nurturing Growth, Guiding Futures

We find beauty in the ‘boring’ – businesses that are mature, steady, and integral to their communities. These businesses, often mature and family-owned, represent the bedrock of consistent service and community contribution. We see great value in their stability and longevity.

The Redwood tree stands as a symbol of our firm’s values – towering strength, enduring growth, and a resilience that withstands all seasons. Just as the Redwood stretches unwaveringly, our firm is steadfast in its direction and purpose. The term North represents our strong set of values. We guide our companies and investors with this same commitment, helping navigate the path to success.

Redwood North is more than an investment firm; it’s a hub of progressive, future-focused businesses. Each investment we make is a step towards building not just financial returns, but a stronger, more vibrant economic landscape and community.

Our values

Our values reflect the way we engage with companies, investors, team members and our ecosystem.

Investors at our Core

We embrace openness in communication and decision-making. We are transparent about challenges, successes and goals. We encourage honest and direct conversations to foster a culture where authenticity thrives.

Strategic stewardship, prudent prosperity

We continuously seek to understand and execute on the potential of our portfolio businesses, delivering outcomes that exceed investors’ expectations, fostering long-term partnerships.

Excellence in Performance

We are dedicated to the disciplined and strategic management of financial resources, aiming to conserve capital and generate sustainable returns.

Create more than money

We seek to improve our community and aim to leave our businesses, portfolio employees, investors in better shape than when we found them.

We are a firm with family values

At Redwood North, we embrace family values by fostering a culture of unity and support, where every team member's personal and professional goals are nurtured with equal importance. We extend these principles to foster a supportive and collaborative relationship with our partners, and within our portfolio businesses.